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Related post: Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 22:25:09 +0000 From: Steve Thomas Subject: Outing for Brian, Ch 13This is a work of preteens naked pictures pure fiction, but based on the author's feelings, beliefs, and in some cases, experience. Come to think of it -- it might not be all that pure! There may be graphic sexual encounters at times between men, so if this model preteen sexy offends you, you are invited to retreat. If you are too young or it is otherwise illegal for you to be reading this kind if story, shame on you for reading it - - please stop here. If not, - - ENJOY! Cast of characters:Brian Weber -- That's me! Deena -- my wife Ronny -- my son. Chris Willows -- kid in bathroom. Mike Riggs -- new friend. Chanelle LeBelle -- Ronny's girlfriend. Gary Foosdorf -- Mike's friend Dmitri Polczek-- Neighbor Ericka -- Dmitri's wife Alexandra -- Dmitri's daughter Muhammad Zarindast -- Friend Stan -- Muhammad's Afghan hound. Kohfi -- 30 year old Persian Freedom Contender Mick Azerov -- 26 year old American Freedom Contender Ammad -- 45 year old Iraqi Freedom Contender Keyvan & Sohrab -- Iranian boys.From Chapter 12: "Poppy?""Yes?""Can we just go home now?""Sure. Just turn around up there.""Can you do it Poppy?" He whined."I'll do it!" Said Sohrab."You preteens top sites want a turn, Sohrab?""YESS!"The boys traded places. Sohrab adjusted the seat and the steering wheel to his liking and then removed the keys from the ignition and gave them to Keyvan. Both Keyvan and I looked at him as if he were crazy. He then remover HIS keys from his pocket and put them in the ignition, and started the car. He put his foot on the brake lesbian preteens naked and shifted into drive. He pressed gently, and the car started to move. His grin did not cease until we pulled into the driveway tiny skinny preteens 10 minutes later. (It should only take about 30 seconds to drive back from where we were.)When we were back, both boys were so excited that even Sohrab forgot to speak in English, as they nonude preteen pantyhose discussed their first driving lesson. I preteen titts bbs ignored it this time. Chapter 13 Gary gave his notice about model preteen site moving and they preteen girls barefoot asked if it was possible to move early, because they had a young single man waiting for his apartment and he was getting desperate for a place. Of course they refunded part of the month's rent and we spent the better part of a weekend moving his stuff to my home.We could have put it in storage, but it was to be too soon that we were moving into our new quarters downstairs. So -- we stacked preteens on beach it wherever it would fit and just have to preteens panty model preteen nudists mag maneuver around it for a couple weeks.School starts in two weeks for all my boys. In another surprise visit, Mo came to tell us that he was taking the boys for the last two weeks to a retreat. He explained to me that porno preteens girls it was a reeducation camp, wherein all the rescued boys were to live together for a week and share their experiences living in America with their new families.Ronny saw that as an nudist preteen potal opportunity to ask Mick up to spend some time with him. Both of them had jobs, but Mick just came here after work instead of going home. As neither boys (er -- young men!) had no serious girlfriend, they were free to just be together and have fun after work. They spent a good deal of time on Trigger and Hero. I asked Mick if he'd like to borrow the Polczek's Arabian, but he said Trigger was just fine with him.Our last weekend before the boys came back, I asked if maybe Ronny and his friend might like to go stay at Mick's place for the weekend. In front of Mick, Ronny grinned and said, "Yeah -- sorry about that! You two probably need a little gay time together, don't you!?"Ronny was grinning but Mick looked embarrassed. I didn't need to say anything more, as Ronny said, "Sorry Mick -- oh! And Dad and Gary!" He looked somewhat repentant, and added, "I guess sometimes things are better left unsaid.""Yeah, I don't think Mick needs to have that image in his head!" Quipped Gary. "And -- you two nn preteens guide behave yourselves over at Mick's! No hanky-panky -- hear me!?""Aw, can't we at least play a little grab-ass with preteens japan sex each other?" Said Mick."Okay, but nn preteen kdz if I hear of you grabbing anything else, I may have to reclassify your sexual status!""Aw c'mon bro!" Said Ronny. "Can't two boys have a little fun without - raising your suspicion? Besides -- You'll never know about it, will you?""Yeah -- like -- when was the last time YOU could keep a secret?" Said Gary.Mick opened the door and they walked out, "You haven't been nude beach preteens blabbing about us, have you, sweetie?" Said Mick, grabbing Ronny's ass as he shut the door.After they were gone, Gary said, "You don't suppose - - ?""No way! I preteen pictures party know my boy. He's not gay! And YOU know -- if he was -- he'd tell us!""Do you ever wish he was?" Asked Gary."Nope. Not at all! You'd probably be playing grab ass with him if he was!""I dunno about that. I like a more mature guy -- as you are well aware!""But still -- Ronny is awfully cute, isn't he?" I taunted."Yeah and he and Mick make a cute couple.""Seems like a lotta gay guys want other guys to be gay -- to justify themselves. It would be a lot easier if more gays were comfortable being who they youn preteen are." I said."Yeah, and -- it'd be a lot easier if more straight guys were like Ronny and preteens sex hot Mick. bbs sex preteen They don't seem to be in the least judgmental.""It's a matter of time." I said. "No matter how much the Nazi gay agenda is pushed, it will just take time for the younger generation to grow up. They are much more accepting now than when I grew up. And before that -- when my dad was young -- you could not let anyone know that you were gay. In time they will not be ostracized as they are even now.""In time," said Gary with a glint in his eye, "In time -- You might stop talking and let me get down to business in your pants!""You have some business in my pants?""If you're open for business!" He said almost drooling from his cute grinning mouth. He had not shaved yet and his days growth of beard since yesterday morning -- made my insides flip flop and my own mouth drool. Okay, it may have had something to do with his suggestion of playing in my pants. Well, HE said business, but I knew that it would soon turn to play."Hey, there handsome," he said. "Can I take you out to Applebee's -- and we can watch the cute waiters there and taunt them as we play under the table.""You are a tease!" I said. blog pictures preteen "I don't know about you, but I want a shower first. It's been a long day at work.""I can wait." He said."The hell you can! I need someone to wash my back.""And maybe your buns?" he said."Maybe, while you're at it, you can stuff my buns!""This shower idea is getting more and more interesting all the time. Maybe I'll renege on the offer to take you out and we can stay in and go out tomorrow morning to Sweetie Pie's for breakfast."Do they stay open that late?" I asked."How late?""Well, I plan to spend most of the morning in preteen colombian bed with a cute, sexy guy tomorrow.""They have a brunch." He said."That'll be a good dessert, after the main course I'm going to extract from my sexy guy!""Promises, promises!" He dared me.Then I did something out of my comfort zone -- as a matter of fact, way out of character for the conservative dad I liked to portray. I impulsively grabbed him and threw him on the couch. In reality if he had not wanted it, he could have prevented it, but he top preteen underage let me have my way. I jumped on top of him and we began by laughing uproariously, and kissing and wrangling around like we guessed a couple of teens would do - - if they were not so inhibited and afraid it might be uncool to let it all show like that.I'm talking about letting their inner self show. We were still fully clothed, in shorts and tees and socks. He grabbed my (by now) raging hard-on and we both stopped wrangling, and looked deeply into one another's eyes. "How is it possible to love a guy I have known such a short time so much?" He said."I dunno. I think we were both pretty ready. I was on ice for nine years, you know.""Well, I wasn't on preteen illegal video ice, but all those others underage preteen tpg that I found sexual release from -- didn't satisfy what's in here." He patted his chest. "When the sex was over, there was nothing left to make me preteen cartoon want to stay. Yeah, nude preteens magazine I guess I was ready, Bri. But -- I dunno if I would have been able to find anyone if you had not come along. Thank God Ronny turned 18 when he did.""Me too." I smiled, studying the beauty I saw on his face. Not the beauty of a pretty or handsome face, but the clarity in his eyes and the love in his expression."You too -- um -- What?""I thank God every day that I have found you. I don't think it was an accident."A tear dripped onto my face. "Bri -- I -- I don't know what to say. For me, it was preteens nude club just an expression -- and sorry to say, one I have said way too much.""You mean -- you didn't mean anything by it?" I said, somewhat concerned."I -- wouldn't exactly say - - that. It's just -- I never party preteen slumber have been a church kind of guy. And somehow, you gave more meaning to what I said than I've ever felt before.""We haven't really been church goers. But Ronny will tell you -- we used to have regular prayer every evening -- with Ronny's mom, before she died. We kind of stopped that -- as a regular thing. But we still pray together sometimes."And -- you really thank -- um -- him -- for me?" Said Gary, now very serious.I looked him squarely in the face, deeply into his eyes, and replied, "Yes, I have and - - do. Now -- can we get back to this?" I grabbed his (by now) mushy-soft meat and then stroked his entire pubic anatomy from balls to the tip of his pole which was quickly springing back to life."OH Heh preteen videos model heh!" He said. "Well, I didn't mean to interrupt what you had started, but I just - ""Just -- shut up and kiss me -- for now! We'll talk about this another time." I said and cut off his escape with my lips. Of course I felt preteen cloth models a little guilty about cutting off a religious discussion - -NOT!!There's a time and place for everything.He started to remove my shirt. "Lets' take it to the bedroom. With Ronny's asian preteen underage habit of showing up unannounced, you never nudist preteen nymphets know when he might decide to come back."We went to the bedroom and I made sure to lock the door. This time we just lay down and started up where we left off, gently stroking and caressing each other all over, and somehow - - our clothing just seemed to come off us spontaneously.Gary isn't that much younger than I am, but he shocking preteen gallery makes me feel like a young man unterage preteen sex again. Like a teenager - - without the teen angst that I felt before we met.And in his relative skinny preteen naturists youth, his experiential advantage over me sometimes takes preteen pics thumbs me by surprise. He has so many ways to show me places on my body that I didn't even know were places - - to say nothing of how sensitive they are! Who knew (well, I guess lots of guys know!) that the perineum is so sensitive, or that tickling the little bit of foreskin I have left can drive me so crazy. Or -- that barely running his finger around the edge of my corona -- can make me cum all by itself.He did all these things to me and of course I did them to him too. We caressed, rubbed and young bikini preteens stroked about every point on each other's bodies -- for several hours, resting and kissing in between orgasms and free preteen candid about midnight I asked him to top me. He complied with some more surprises. He had massaged the bottom of my shaft and my prostate before, but he did this while kissing me and stroking my corona -- all at once. When I was about out of my mind, on the verge of orgasm, but he very adroitly kept that at bay, he entered me, with my legs over his shoulders.He then commenced a slow drubbing of my prostate with the soft velvety tip of his rock hard boner. Again, it was not enough to make my juice rise, but as he picked up speed, I got more excited. As we both were almost in a frenzy, he stopped and lay dowm on top of me -- almost slipping out and kissed me deeply."Okay, Bri-guy! We got the whole sundae ready except for the cream. preteen litlle Shall I whip it up nice and high?""Oh Gary -- I'm so horny! Hurry!"He then pounded me fast, hard and deep. His shaft pushed past my prostate and curved up into the anal passage -- over and over -- until both of us started to moan and quiver. He slowed down to let it last longer -- how I'll never know -- but it worked and it felt like a prolonged orgasm - - until the real orgasm started. I felt completely out of control. I am glad he WAS in control. At the very end, he was ramming me like a jack and -- seemingly as fast.The bed shuddered every time he drove it home and it seemed to go deeper and deeper as he rammed harder and harder. I remember screaming for him to go deeper and harder and he was doing his best to comply. Then it happened.It was as if I was watching from above, but could still feel every stroke, every sensation. I was floating, yet not floating, securely under his gyrating body. I heard a guttural scream come out of my throat that I didn't even recognize. His scream joined with my own and I was suddenly back, fully under him as we both let our juices go. Of course his spread out and made the last stroking sublimely slippery and girl preteen picture wonderful, preteen nymphets newsgroups while mine mostly planted itself all over my face and torso.He collapsed on top of me and my spunk was between our bodies, but he licked my face clean while kissing and sucking on my mouth and face.Then he started to convulse. I was immediately concerned, preteen boobies but it turned out that he was sobbing."Are you okay?" lesbian preteens fingering I asked."Okay?" He asked, cute preteen loita breathlessly. "Yeah, I'm okay. I just had the topless preteen clips most fabulous trip I've ever done or had. It was like an out of body experience.""You too?" I said."Bri, I've done preteen young illegal some of those things before -- preteen sexy modeller maybe even all of them -- but top preteen modeling never with anyone so responsive as you were and -- nude preteen tits never anyone I cared about. And Brian -- I care deeply preteens gratis skirtup about you. So I just - " He started to sob again. "I - have - - no other way to -- to - - express what I'm feeling. Can you feel my heart?""I can. I think mine is keeping up with it -- in half-time! Are you sure you're okay?""I've never -- EVER -- preteen model alice pretty preteen henti been this okay.""Me neither." I said, kissing his teary face. "I love you so much, Foosdorf!""And I love you so much - - Weber!"It was after 2:00AM when we finally got to sleep.At 9:00 AM sharp the phone rang."Hello?" I said, drowsily."Ronny made me call you.""What -- who -- is this?" I said, young preteen freegalleries trying free clips preteen to shake some of the cob webs out of my brain."Haha1 This is Mick Azerov. I want to take you two out for breakfast. I guess I woke you up. "I'm sorry.""No -- it's okay. preteen story sweet It was time anyway. We were planning to go preteen bbs list to Sweetie Pies anyway.""That's what preteen board gallery Ronny was suggesting. I've never been there. But I just want to take you -- and Gary -- out for breakfast.""Special occasion?" I asked."Not really. I'll tell you more when we get there. We're still in Sac. (He was referring to Sacramento) Can we pick you up in an hour?""Well, we're still in the sack!" I quipped. We need to shower and preteen facial get ready. -- um -- why don't you meet us there at 10:30?""It's a plan! See yah!""What's going on?""They want to take up out to breakfast. Some kind of announcement -- maybe -- I dunno. He said he would tell us when they get there."Ronny? Did he tell you that?""No -- it was Mick.""An announcement, huh? And -- how sure were you that they are not -- um -- an item?""They're not!" I sex galleries preteens insisted."Okay -- whatever you say. So I guess I'm off the hook to take you out this morning too.""You may not taking me to breakfast, but you're definitely NOT off sister sex preteen the hook. You promised preteen adolescent model some more -- something -- this morning. And I intend to hold you to that promise!""Lets brush our teeth, anyway -- your breath smells like sweat socks that have been worn for two weeks by a marathon runner.""Hey -- it's your juices you're smelling!""Somehow it smells better in my panties than preteen boys model on your breath.""Huh?" I said."These are the ones I sleep in," he said dragging out a soft pair of white boxer briefs. Well, soft everywhere but the crotch -- which was yellow stained and stiff. He put them up to my nose. My first thought was to push them away, but the smell dominant preteen girls immediately caught my attention. He was right. It smelled wonderful. Like warm fuzzy sex!!"Okay -- you ready for that new stuff?""Bring it on!"We brushed our teeth and he would not even let me run a cold wash cloth over myself. "You gotta crap?""I -- um -- could.""Sit!" He pushed me down on the toilet, and left the bathroom.After I did my duty, I cleaned up as well as possible and came to him on the bed. He was lying on his back. "Turn around." He said. He ukraine preteen models put a great gob of lube up inside me and then slathered his 6" with it too. "Now -- sit on it." He said.I backed up to him and he said, "Nope! Facing me. Now sit on it." I did, easily working his boner up inside me."Okay, Bri-guy. Now you can see the best way for a bottom to be the top. Ride it cowboy!"I was straddling him, and my knees were bent beside him. I started to ride up and down, in and divine cuties preteen out. His pole had to bend considerably to do this in this position. He reached up to me and pulled himself upright for a moment and kissed me deeply. "You've done this before, Bri. This time I want you to go as fast as you can. secret preteen gallery It's kind of a balancing act. I'll help you."I did as he instructed. He had both of my hands in his, and I flexed my knees and humped his rigid bone over and over. He moved my hand over so he could hold both mine in one of his, and then started to jack me with his free hand. I was unsteady with only one of his hands holding me, but he encouraged me to keep going -- and even faster.He picked up some speed on his strokes on me too. It wasn't long before we were both sweating again and I was feeling my cum rise. He sensed this and then let my hands go and pushed my abdomen away, so I could not hump him any more. His bone felt so good inside me, I started to protest, but then he started to push up from the bottom. He was fucking me upside down, while jacking me off at the same time. This wasn't the first time, but we were both less inhibited this time and it was so much more intense. Before long we were both preteen boy photographs screaming out our ecstasy again.This time it was I who fell on top of him, and both of preteen fuck sites us were out of breath. But I kissed him breathlessly, and we at the same time laughed as we noted that the other still had a bad case of bed head.We hopped up and he carried me to the bathroom and into the shower. "Bri -- will you fuck me?""How can I?" I said still preteen doll nude out of breath from the last time. "I've already - ""I think I can take care of that." He said and he dropped to his knees."But I'm 35 years old -- I - don't know if - ""Just shut up and - " he grabbed my butt and pulled his mouth all the way over my soft, sticky piece of mush -- and sucked my balls in as well, and he put his finger in my butt and went deep for the prostate. As soon as he touched that -- along nude preteens asians with the tongue thrashing he was giving my nads and pole -- I started to push his tongue out of the way with my stiffening rod. When he got it raging hard, he grabbed the hair conditioner and lubed both of us up, then turned around and braced himself on the side of the shower.I wrapped my neked preteens arms around him, one on his chest and the other on his tummy and I started to slowly push in and out. "Do it quick, Bri -- before you realize that you're not the bottom!" he laughed. "Go deep, hard and preteen boy strippers fast -- as you're always telling me to do.I complied and soon he was begging me for ukraine preteens the same things, as he pushed back into me in rhythm of my thrusting.He was pounding his preteen pussy pics own and came before I glamour photo preteen did, and when I was finished, I slid slowly to the floor, and laid down face up with the shower spraying my torso and face. He turned and came down on top, and straddled me, kissing me deeply."Sorry I'm such a lousy top!" I said."You were wonderful." You are my MR. Wonderful! You are my sweet lover -- my darling daddy. That was stupendous!"He then took a wash cloth and washed my body from stem to stern. He washed my stem gently -- because of all the activity it had gotten in the last 16 hours -- and washed my stern thoroughly. I made to do the same for him, but he said no. "You've done enough this morning, Daddy. Just sit and let me serve you.He then re-soaped the cloth and did a washing tease on himself that made me half hard again. "You're so cute!" I said, grinning. "Sometimes you are like a little boy.""I like being your little boy -- and I love being your man!" He said as he stepped out and dried off. Then he grabbed my towel and turned off the water and took my hand to lift me up. I came to him and again kissed him deeply, my wet body again wetting his already dried one. He gently dried us off."Are you hungry for that preteen japanese nymphets brunch?" He asked."Famished!""Geez!" Exclaimed Mick. "I've never seen dessert for breakfast. Look at all this stuff!"We had met Ronny and Mick and were half finished with our brunch at Sweetie Pie's."That's a little over the top, don't you think?" Said Gary."Maybe -- but I'm payin', so eat up! You're never too old for dessert!"" Said the youthful 26-year-old. Mick little preteen underage didn't look that much younger than Gary and preteen blowjob video preteens pedo nymphet -- in reality he was only 4 years younger -- but he acted closer to Ronny's age -- when he was with Ronny."You don't understand, Mick," said my wise-acre son, "This IS dessert for them! They had the main course before they got here.""Huh?" Said Mick. "Why would you eat before coming?""You STILL don't understand." Said my patient son, sarcastically. "Mick -- COMING WAS their first course!""What? I -- oh! You mean -- You pervert!" Mick turned red as he realized what Ronny was suggesting.Later on, Ronny asked me and Gary, "Did I go preteen nymphet toplist too far this morning, Pop? Mick seemed a little perturbed when he left. I hate that. Sometimes he seems just like me and then all of a sudden, I feel like a preteens models all little kid.""You probably did go too far, Sweetheart. Mick is a very accepting and good guy, but he's still straight -- and not having grown up with it -- like you have -- even though I didn't know you knew -- you did.""He probably doesn't care for the images that your comments produced for him." young preteen schoolgirls Added Gary. "He doesn't want to think about me and your dad having sex.""But -- I like to hear it. I love that you have found someone that makes you happy, Pop!" Gary almost glowed when he said that. "And -- that soooooo tells me that asian preteens video you're happy!"Gary ran his toe up Ronny's leg. "I think you like it because you think it's hot, little brother!"Ronny knocked away Gary's foot. "Who's the pervert now! Get away from me -- pervert!" Said Ronny.Gary grabbed Ronny's hand and held it tightly. preteens nude india "You liked it -- you KNOW you did!"Ronny tried to shake off Gary's strong grip -- but preteen elite porn couldn't. So instead he caught Gary off guard and jerked Gary toward himself and threw him on the ground, then pounced on top of him. I knew what Gary was trying to do -- or prove -- and could have stopped it -- but decided to let it play out. I was sure that I knew my son.Gary of course is incest preteens samples much stronger than Ron, so after the initial surprise, he again quickly pinned Ronny on the floor. His superior weight and strength were nothing to mess with. Both of them were laughing heartily, as well. "Admit it, my sweet little brother! You like to hear us because you wish it was you and Mick!""No way!" Said Ronny.Gary put gratis preteen boy his nose on Ron's and said, "IKNOW you want to get into Mick's pants -- and YOU know it too!""Get off me!" Said Ronny, still laughing. "I'll never admit that - - `cuz it isn't true!""Hmmm," mused Gary, "and yet you like hearing us do it. Okay, whatever you say -- but I extreme preteen nudism know you want it!"Then he puckered up like he was going to kiss Ronny on the lips. Ronny's reaction was immediate. His knee jerked up under and made hard contact with Gary's nuts. Gary's face contorted and he fell off Ronny and rolled around on the floor, holding and rubbing his balls. Finally he stopped and lay flat on russian preteen films his back, his face covered, dead still.Ronny shot me a worried look, then went to him and said, "Are you okay, Gary? I'm sorry, that was just a spontaneous reaction."Gary didn't say anything, but only laid there in silence. "Gary -- c'mon! Did I hit you that hard?" cartoon sex preteen Asked Ronny -- clearly concerned. He put his hand on Gary's, and his face close to Gary's. Gary's hand grabbed Ron's and he very quickly kissed his mouth before Ron had time to react. "GOTCHA!" Crowed Gary.Ronny sprang away and to his feet. "You pervert! You ass hole! You had me worried that I -- hurt you -- or something." Cried Ronny. "I'm not gay!""Okay -- nature naked preteen okay." Said Gary. "I think I got that. So why is it that you spend so much time with Mick -- and never date any more?"Ron looked at me helpless as to how to answer. Then he said, "I'm just tired of the gamed they play! I'm just on a break from them. But that doesn't mean I'm gay. Mick and I still watch porn over at his place -- and not gay porn! I still fresh nude preteens jack off thinking about girls and -- what I might someday do with one of them. I don't think of boys -- preteen nude play or men -- and especially I don't think about Mick! If you want me to be gay -- that's too bad!""I'm sorry, Ron. I didn't mean to piss you off. And like your dad, I DON'T want you to be gay. And I'm glad you reacted that way." Gary rubbed his still aching balls. "Well MOST of me is glad!" he said with a smile. "You DID get me good. But I just -- also -- don't want you to ever wonder about it -- and amber model preteen be confused -- like I was for so many years. But it's definitely better -- easier -- to be straight -- in today's world. I am sorry that I pushed you so far. Forgive me?"Gary got up and offered his hand. Ronny looked at him suspiciously. "I'm not kidding this time, Ron. I AM sorry and I really do want you to forgive me."Ron took his hand. Gary made to shake it but Ronny pulled him in to a close warm hug. "Maybe I overreacted. If so, I'm sorry." Said Ronny. And then Ronny kissed Gary -- on the cheek. "I LIKE having an older brother!" He laid his face on Gary's shoulder japan preteen movie and hugged him again."And I sex preteen film like having you to abuse!" Quipped Gary. They both laughed. I smiled under virgins preteen knowingly.Note: Comments always welcome, to Steve at Thanks and ... love, Steve
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